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• Nov 29, 2019 - 15:12

MuseScore does not appear to save the Zita1 synth settings consistently. I have been meticulous about setting my default and saving to scores. Eventually. though, upon opening a score, (or sometimes within the same session) I will hear something wrong with my score. When I check my synth settings they are definitely not what I had saved.

[EDIT] I am currently running MS3.3.3 on Windows 10, though the problem has been apparent on previous versions of MS3.x.

My steps to remedy this?
1. Load Default. This should restore my settings to what I had set.
No good. The settings will not change.

  1. Load from Score. This should load the saved settings from the currently active score.
    No good. Somehow the settings which I have saved to the score are now overwritten by the new "default".

  2. Load my settings from a score which is known to have the correct settings.
    No good. Seemingly impossible, but somehow the settings which were previously saved to a score are no longer accessible.

  3. Manually re-enter my Zita1 settings dial by dial.
    This works, but it is a lot of time and effort to do so. I have actually printed a screen shot of my correct settings for quick reference.

Perhaps unrelated is the fact that I have been in the habit of following the technique in this tutorial:
( ) which allows great flexibility in emulating and separately controlling apparent mic distance and room size. I don't think this is the cause of my problem, as I have had this same issue with scores to which I have not applied this technique.

I fully admit that there must be something that I am doing wrong, and I would change that behaviour if I could, but for the life of me, I can't isolate the problem.

I'll attach a sample score, though the problem currently applies to all my scores, and the settings you are likely to see are doubtfully the ones which I have set.

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1-13 Why_am_I_Here_Reprise MS3.mscz 101.56 KB


I have tested.
And from what I understand, there is no definition that separates the two Zita1(s).
In this case, the second setting seems to be overwriting the first.

setting I saved:

when I load from the score is:


        <val id="0">Zita1</val>
        <val id="1">Zita1</val>
        <val id="2">0.1</val>
        <val id="3">440</val>
        <val id="4">1</val>
        <val id="5">1</val>
        <val id="0">MuseScore_General.sf2</val>
        <val id="0">1</val>
        <val id="1">1</val>
        <val id="2">1</val>
        <val id="3">1</val>
        <val id="4">1</val>
        <val id="5">1</val>
        <val id="6">1</val>
        <val id="7">1</val>
        <val id="8">1</val>
        <val id="9">1</val>
        <val id="0">0</val>
        <val id="1">4.75601e-9</val>
        <val id="2">0</val>
        <val id="3">0</val>
        <val id="4">-1.17131e-8</val>
        <val id="5">-8.65376e-9</val>
        <val id="6">0</val>
        <val id="7">-9.57496e-9</val>
        <val id="8">0</val>
        <val id="9">0</val>

I attached the my test file.

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1-13 Why_am_I_Here_test-z01.mscx 59.35 KB

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Thank you. This does raise a number of thoughts, so forgive me if I misunderstand/mis-state something here.

  1. When I load your score, my displayed settings do not change.
    This is what I should expect, because MS does not by default load settings from a score.

  2. When I try to Load Settings from your score, nothing happens to the settings displayed in my synth.
    According to my understanding, my synth should display the settings as in your post above. This does not happen. So it seems that regardless of what settings you or I saved, MS is NOT loading them on command.

  3. When I created my settings, I first experimented with the first Zita1 only, in order to set the early return (mic distance) of the reverb. Then I set only the second Zita1 to emulate the size of the hall. Only then did I enable both reverb effects at the same time.
    To be clear, when I have the synth set to my particulars, there is a definite difference in sound between Zita1(a), Zita1(b) and the combined sounds. (That is the purpose of the stacked reverb settings.)

I am interested in what settings were displayed when you loaded my score. I should have taken a screen shot of the settings as they were before I attached it. I have since manually re-set my combined reverb settings.

It is troubling that on my own system, attempting to load settings from a "clean" score is unsuccessful. Something SHOULD happen, but I cannot achieve this on my system.

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Thanks again.
I must amend my previous reply. Something DOES happen when I try to load synth settings from either the score, or from default, but the effect is strangely delayed, and not immediately apparent. (and not entirely predictable to my eye as of yet)

I have now deleted the second instance of Zita1 from my synth panel, and the results are promising. I can't quite dial in the sound that I had with the other setup, but it seems more stable overall. Perhaps the stacked Zita1 effects were not such a good idea. Gone as well are superfluous soundfonts, which should help speed things up.

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