Orchestra Sound Fonts

• Nov 29, 2019 - 22:22

Does anyone know of a sound font where the strings do not sound like a 1960's era Hammond organ?
Nothing I have found so far sounds even remotely realistic. Here is the list I have tried so far:
Arachno SoundFont - Version 1.0.sf2
FluidR3 GM2-2.SF2
GeneralUser GS MuseScore v1.442.sf2
HS Pads and Textures II.sf2
Orchestra Soundfont 2 COMBO.sf2

I am hoping there is something out there with truly realistic string fonts; free or $$$


Strings are probably the hardest to replicate. You may never be happy with free fonts. Plus, everyone has different ideas about what sounds realistic.
That said, the font that comes with MS 3 is not that bad. But you have to experiment with slow or fast EXP.
Try also:
Saint James Orchestral Soundfonts
Symphonic Sounds
Timbres of Heaven

For me French Horns are a problem.

MS3 is 100% good already provide score input/edit, pre-listen.

For next level, you need DAW with Kontakt Sound Libraries, Some plugins

I made backing tracks to my violin students
for mid-small event since MS Version 1 era.

That's a mp3 demo of Orchestra Edition - Kol Nidrei by Max Bruch
currently i'm working on these but not finished.


P.S. You may find the Trills, Tremolo are weird to be fixed.

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