Musescore's Custom Sound Audio is not updating with the score.

• Dec 3, 2019 - 12:47

When I edited my score to and changed some notes and updated it to musescore (from the application and the website) The custom audio did not seem to get any update. This is probably a bug since this was working before the latest update/fixes. Is anyone else having this issue and know how to solve it or is it just a matter of patience?
If you look at the score I posted which it should play?? Not sure i've never used the forums..
You will see that at bar 96 all the f's are sharp but in the old version they are not so the mp3 audio still plays them as F Naturals. Also at 103 the 2nd beat, the first eigth note was a C and E in the old recording and it still plays that When it's C and F.

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I believe it's just an issue with the update score button in the application... And my post on .com was quite confusing.. I believe it is just a bug with the new update that came out a couple of days ago I think? Because before that it would update the score audio as well.

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That's not my problem, it's that the default sounds aren't updating when I upload a newer version of the score! Like, I added a bass drum, tambourine, and removed some vocals from a later part in the score. The changes reflect in how the score is displayed, but it is still using the older score's arrangement to play the sound. Meaning, not only are the added percussions not making any sound, whatsoever, but you can hear the vocals that were removed in the score.

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