• Dec 4, 2019 - 01:52

I just tried to open MuseScore 3 and I got a notification saying that it had crashed.


On what OS? Does it work if you start MuseScore by double-clicking a score in your file browser? If so, then disable the Start Center in Edit / Preferences.

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I was doing some notation in Musescore and it crashed suddenly.
A few minutes later I clicked on the icon on my desktop and a box popped up
saying previous session had ended abruptly and asking whether or not session
should be restored.
I clicked on"yes" and it opened on the work I was doing when it crashed.
Musescore 1 never crashed on me.

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I was working on a score(notating)....Musescore 3.3.4
And just like that the page went blank.
The same thing happened on 4th Dec.2019....not with Musescore 3.3.4
This box came up at the top of which it had words like( crash reporter?........
I could have given details of the crash in the section where the vertical line usually blinks.
But it was not blinking.
So I waited for a few minutes...clicked on Desktop Musescore icon...and it opened.
I clicked on session restore and that was it.

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If it happens again, please try to remember exactly what you doing at the moment if the crash - adding dynamics, deleting measures, adjusting a bolts, whatever - then start a new thread here, attaching the score and describing what you were doing with that type of detail.

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