Visible ledger lines while invisible staff lines. Possible?

• Dec 4, 2019 - 05:41


I'd like to be able to have invisible staff lines, which I know how to do, but at the same time visible ledger lines. Is this possible to do? Thanks!



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Lines' default lengths are a segment, which is basically the distance from one note to the next. I would suggest that you try using the tenuto from the symbols as a ledger line and place it where you want it. It is by default basically the same length as a ledger line. If the symbol doesn't work you can use text and choose the tenuto from the special characters (press F2 while entering text). You can then change the font size to make the tenuto larger if you need to. In either case, these can be placed in a palette and reused then positioned properly. You should be able to disable auto placement and change the x and/or y offsets on all of them at once since they are both placed in relationship to the note.

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Thanks again, those options are pretty good, however more suitable few just a few notes, as I'm looking for something more practical. I wonder if it's possible to have a special plugin custom made to do what I want. No idea how that would work though or who to ask.

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I am sure you got it working, as I have seen the question. However here is my attempt.
I added the image inside the title box, disabled autoplacing for the image, lowered the position and set the stacking order to 1200.
That also "removed" the barlines, so to fix that I selected all barlines and changed the stacking order for the barlines to 1250.
Only downside is that when the image is covering the full page, it is the item selected when you click somewhere. I just make the width smaller during the editing and afterwards change the width again for minimal effort.

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