• Dec 5, 2019 - 09:20


gerade habe ich mir mit einem Editor den sf3-soundfont der neuesten musescore-Version angesehen.
In der Überschrift ist von oggvorbis und libraries für oggvorbis die Rede.
Braucht man diesen encoder für musescore 32bit (neueste version)?

Actually I look into the sf3-soundfont of musecores newest version. In the headline I find expressions like oggvorbis an libraries for oggvorbis. Do I need these encoder for musescore 32bit (newest version)??

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I won't work on this for sure, if that "you" is singular...

I don't understand what the precieved issue is in the first place.
MuseScore does support OggVorbis since ages, and SF3 soundfonts use that to compress the samples, and that too works since quite a while, MuseScore 2(.3.2) uses SF3 soundfonts too (and has Musescore_General.sf3 set as the default).

But again, can you share a sample score demonstrating that behavoir (of sound breaking mid-piece)?

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