Playback cursor jumping after cut and paste

• Dec 5, 2019 - 13:49

I have been working on a score (not done quite yet), and I copied some measures and pasted them into some of the last few measures since the measures were similar to what I needed. However, after doing some editing, the playback cursor has not behaved as expected. The section I copied from was measures 110-113 into parts of measures 122-131. After I did some editing and selected the first note of 122 and hit play, the cursor jumped back to measure 113. It actually then takes the repeat back to 110, plays up to 112, then jumps to 125. I can start playback at 125 without problems, but if I try to start anywhere in measures 122-124, it does this behavior.

If I select measure 114 (the first measure of the second ending), it jumps back to measure 105.

I tried starting the playback from the beginning, and when it gets to 113 second time through it jumps to 125.

Is there some sort of cursor function that I am not aware of that does this?

I have attached the score.


Musescore version - Revision 7684abe
MacOS 10.15.1

Attachment Size
Save My Soul MS Issue.mscz 70.2 KB


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