Attempting to put rests in palette causing crashes

• Dec 8, 2019 - 01:43

Hi, I was messing around with musescore and added a tuplet to a custom palette. Then musescore crashed, so I relaunched the program and it asked me if I wanted to reload everything I lost. I clicked yes, then everything appeared to open, but then it crashed again. I kept trying to reopen it but it just kept crashing. I even tried repairing and then a fresh reinstall, but no luck. I appear to have softlocked myself out of this version of musescore.
If someone could please help me restore the program that'd be great.

The version I've been using is 3.3.4, the latest stable release.
I have not been able to find a way to replicate it since even a removal and fresh reinstall doesn't fix the crashes. I assume it has something to do with my personal preferences. Interestingly, I've not been able to replicate it in the latest nightly build, so I'm also curious to know if this has been a known issue that was fixed.

Update: I factory reset musescore with the -F flag and now everything is normal again, although I've lost quite a few preferences. I'm still curious to know if this was a known issue.

UPDATE: Previously this post was written to say that I put a tuplet in a custom palette. This is now not true; after factory resetting the program, I tried replicating it (in 3.3.4 and in the latest nightly build) and found out that it's actually not a tuplet, but rather a rest. And it needn't be in a tuplet either.

Some noticable things: (This info pertains to the 3.3.4 release) Relaunching the program is able to be done, however I found that after relaunching the program, the palettes would have "moved to the other workspace," i.e. if I put it (the rest) in a palette in a Basic workspace, then it would launch the program after crashing with the dropdown menu on Advanced workspace, and vice versa. However, the workspace doesn't actually seem to change. If you attempt to change the workspace to the one in which you attempted to place a rest in the palette, musescore crashes.

Also of note: (pertains to the latest nightly build) I've been able to recreate the situation in which I was unable to access musescore at all, but I'm not sure exactly what I did at this point. I zipped the folder and opened it on a VM and the problem is replicated there as well. I'm not sure of how to upload it onto the site as the file is around 100 MB.


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