Where did the sustain pedal line go?

• Dec 8, 2019 - 13:40

I would like to add a signature of a sustain pedal to the sheet music but I can't find it. I've used it several times before in the past but it seemed to have magically dissapeared; I know it's in the 'lines' section and I have reset it to the state in which it was when I have downloaded it but there still isn't a sign of it, neither in the 'lines', neither anywere else. I've even tried copying it from a note from another program and pasting it to that one and it didn't work.

Any suggestions on what to do about it?

Note: It's not at the section 'more'.

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I see several sustain pedla markings in your picture, I guess maybe you are looking for the old-style one with the script "Ped"? It's there when you click "More", look more closely :-). Or swithc to the Advanced workspace as suggested (control at far right of toolbar).

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Maybe my version is bugged, but I'm not able to see a single line when pressing 'More...'. Additionally, when adding a line to the More section, I don't see it there either.

But switching to advance pallette solution worked so I'll keep it out of my mind for now. If the issue will bother me in the future, I'll reinstall MuseScore.

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