sending midi to external keyboard changes the preset/ how to make instrument-less parts

• Dec 9, 2019 - 01:35

Hi, I'm using Musescore 3.3.0 on Manjaro.
I'm sending the midi data from Musescore to an external keyboard but when I press play Musescore resets the preset in the keyboard.

I think it happens because there is some kind of instrument info in the midi files, so how do I remove the instrument info from the part?

ps. It would be nice to be able to route out the midi of the parts independently.



I don't think there is a way to prevent MuseScore from sending the MIDI program change message, the trick will be to send the right one. So use View / Mixer and choose the sound corresponding to the patch in your keyboard.

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You mean, even though your score is set for piano, your keyboard interprets it as something else? Sounds like your keyboard may use non-standard numbering for its patches. Maybe it has an option somewhere to use the standard (General MIDI)) numbering? Or an option to ignore program change messages?

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The standard as far as I know is to always send a program change, and MuseScore doesn't have any options to do anything different from that. But if enough people request it (maybe others who use non=standard keyboards?) then it could certainly be added someday, assuming it doesn't literally violate the MIDI standard.

Update: I found a workaround. I can export the midi file with an empty bar, import the midi in the DAW and remove the first part of the midi. That seems to remove the patch info.

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