export to MXL put some measures' lyrics on line 2

• Dec 9, 2019 - 16:39

Hi all,
I export to MXL to then import in Harmony Assistant because of its synthetic voice that we use to enable choristers practising by themselves when at home.
In doing so with the attached MuS file I get the wrong results in HA because the resulting MXL (also attached) contains items (m. 22, 23, 24) that show "1" and "" instead of ""
Is there something in my MuS file to correct that leads to that result, or is there an issue in the converting to xml?
Thanks for your help.


Apologies for the above not showing all my characters. I retry here differently:
[lyric number="2"...][/lyric]

It is in the MXL (there counting starts at 1):

        <lyric number="2" default-x="6.58" default-y="-81.27" relative-y="-8.46">

The MSCZ stems from an XML import and has some (the same) lyrics set to stanza 2 in MSCZ it starts counting at 0:

              <offset x="0" y="0.846491"/>

Try the attached, all lyrtics reset to default position and verse

Attachment Size
Away in a manger Arr. Will Todd.mscz 20.73 KB

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