Palette Change?

• Dec 9, 2019 - 18:54

***I actually posted this on another forum and was told that I was redirected by that site to the wrong place because of a bug.

The latest update I've received (MacBook), there has been a very subtle change of the palette. It overall looks a lot more clean and "professional," but despite that it is much more different to navigate. Before the update, the drop down boxes (ex. Dynamics) was a single click, and the contents would be shown. Now it is two. It may sound very picky and snobbish, but I really dislike this new feature. It's just really distracting while in the midst of an arrangement or composition, but I just would like to know why you would change this? I mean, this is great software, but why would you change something if it's working just fine? In the forum I was in before, someone said that the palette is now customizable and that you can now reposition the boxes. This is cool, but this doesn't warrant the need to change the click tally.

Like I said, this isn't an enormous problem, but I think it's very retrogressive to change something that didn't need to be changed.


As I posted over on the other site, the change was actually made for good reasons - the new palettes support a wide range of new customization gesturers, including things like dragging palettes up & down, deleting them, easily adding and removing things from palettes, moving things between palettes, etc. Also making the palettes accessible by keyboard for the first time ever. So it's much more than just a subtle change in appearance - it is major new functionality. So now, clicking a palette opens up a range of possibilities beyond just opening and closing it.

That said, it's not totally impossible it could eventually be made possible to open a palette with a single click again, the trick is to figure out how to do so in a way that doesn't get in the way of the other new features.

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It's not true that nothing happens when you click it - this selects the palette, which enables a variety of options including the ability to delete it by pressing Delete. Also, clicking an element is normally supposed to be the same behavior as navigating to it by keyboard, and navigating by keyboard definitely should not open every palette as you go past. And finally, clicking is the first steps in dragging, and it would be bad if palettes opened themselves up automatically every time you dragged them.

So it's simply not true that the new features are irrelevant - they are completely relevant. But again, it's not outside the realm of possibility that we could eventually come up with some sort of hack that worked around these normal/standard behaviors and made click do something different from navigating by keyboard and that suppressed the expand operation for a click that starts a drag (eg, by only expanding on the release instead of the press).

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