How to delete the rest symbols from a sheet?

• Dec 10, 2019 - 09:41

To compose a bicincum I first create a new sheet with 4 voices.
I only place the notes of the known melody in voice 3.
Then I print the sheet (draft version) and put it on the music stand for further composing voice 1 (writing notes with a pencil).
My wish is, before I print that sheet, to (temporarily) suppress the rest symbols of the voices 1,2 and 4.
I have understood that it will only be possible by graying them out on the printed version.
The question is how?
And is it possible to change the gray color into light gray, so that the nearly invisible rest symbols do not disturb my pencil written annotations?


Why are you using voice 3 in the first place? Normally one should use voices 1-2 only per staff (unless some staff will actually have more than two voices).

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I was writing a Bicinium for organ. The Tenor-melody (Voice3) was leading, placed on the lower stave. I made a print of it and sketched the Soprano melodynotes on the printed version and that will be later Voice1.
When I create a SATB piece of music I normally give them Voice1, 2, 3, and 4 resp.
In some cases my wish is to control my organ by midicodes generated by Musescore (if possible). Then it is worth that for example each voice can be played on that organ with his own manual of that organ. It can be also for an organ which is loaded as SF2 file (to play the melody with a leading voice).

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Maybe I'm still missing something, but you shouldn't normlly be using voices 1, 2, 3, and 4 for SATB - you should be using 1 & 2 ont he top staff for S & A, 1 & 2 on the bottom for T & B. MuseScore requires voices be complete. If you use voices 3 & 4 for T & B, you will always have those extra rests.

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