Harmonic shorthand supported?

• Dec 10, 2019 - 17:50

Not sure what to call this, as I am not sure what it is myself. An example would be something like the following:

(Jingle Bells pattern)

Right hand (notes):
III V I II III IV III [1st. repeat II III II V] [2nd. repeat V IV II I] :||

Left hand (chords):
I IV I [V I] [V I]

I have been told that gigging musicians use this (rarely see sheet music and see something similar to the above example), but at the time I was told, i had a different focus, so I don't know anything more about this. I would however, like to use Musescore (if possible) to write some examples of this shorthand both in context of playing by ear, but also to play in as many keys as possible.

Any comments about harmonic shorthand, or about how to use Musescore to write harmonic shorthand, would be appreciated.


Roman Numerals for chords are called "Roman Numeral Analysis", and the latest musescore is pretty good at this. Roman Numerals are not used for melodies, even though the scale degrees used in the aforementioned chords are the numbers show in Roman Numerals. Musicians do not play from Roman Numerals; gigging (nonclassical) musicians play from "lead sheets", which name chords fully, e.g., G, Dm, FMaj7/E, etc. The Roman Number Analysis system is used by composers, theory authors (classical and non-), and students analyzing scores. See "Roman Numeral Analysis" in the handbook (https://musescore.org/en/handbook/3/roman-numeral-analysis-rna). See, too, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roman_numeral_analysis .

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