Problem with the display going from "continuous view" to "page view"

• Dec 11, 2019 - 05:08

I set up lines on my score to highlight the different parts in different colors (see continuous view.jpg attached below).
This process requires these steps:
** Add a line
** Move it to the vertical center of the staff
** Open the inspector to change the color, the width, and the alpha channel value.

I add the lines in "continuous view" so that I only have to do this once for each instrument. If I do it in "page view", I have to add a line individually to each staff line each page, and then go in and make the changes to each separate line. The piece I'm working with is 8 pages.

This process worked fine in MS 2, but in MS 3, when I switch from continuous view to page view, I lose all but 2 of my colors, and those two are not aligned properly (see page view.jpg attached below).

Any help would be appreciated!

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You don't need continuous view to add a colored line to a whole staff - just select the whole staff (from first measure to last) and double click the lin in the palette (which you can easily customize to already have the color you want - you can have a whole palette full of colored 4sp-tall lines if you want).

Generally speaking, manual adjustments made in continuous view [EDIT: don't] always make sense in page view, so I wouldn't advise going that route if you can help it.

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I have tried that. Unfortunately, the line appears above the staff, not in the center of the staff so it has to be moved. When I try to move it, it does not move the entire line throughout the score. It only moves the part of the line that is over the staff where I grab it. I can send video if need be. :)

Also, your last sentence confused me. If manual adjustments made in continuous view always make sense in page view, I'm not sure why I am having this problem.

I did go back in and try your suggestion. It does color the entire line (I've never tried that before because I was using MS 2 until a couple of weeks ago and I didn't have the continuous view problem in MS 2) but I still have to move the line in order to center it for each individual staff line. It does make the process a little less onerous, so thank you for that.

If you have a fix for the problem of moving the line, that would be great as well!

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Sorry, typo, now correctly: adjustments in continuous view don't make sense in page view, and vice versa. Way too much is different about the layouts - measure widths, staff spacing, etc.

You can get all the lines onto the staff at once. Just right-click one such line, Select / All Similar Elements, then press "=" or use the Inspector to disable autoplace. Now you can use the offset in the Inspector to move them on staff together.

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After working with this solution, I have another question. The color extends beyond the end of the staff on all of the staff lines (see pic). If I want it clean, I have to manually fix it by double-clicking the colored line and then click-dragging it until it is not outside of the staff line. It's a minor inconvenience but would be great if there's a solution... Any suggestions, maestro? :)

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I guess the line thickness applies horizontally as well as vertically. But, since the line doesn't actually start all the way at the left marign either, you could adjust the horizontal offsets while you're doing the vertical (in Inspector).

Also, when you do need to adjust things individually, try to get out of the habit of eyeballing it with the mosue. The keyboard will be more precise and usually faster too. Eg, Ctrl+Left twice after double-clicking shortens the line by exactly 2sp.

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I applied the different colored lines, got them all set up, but when I change the page style to hide empty staves, one of the colored lines disappears from the entire score. See "before" with the empty staves and the colors, and "after" with the Part 2 color line gone.

I've gone ahead and added the line again to the score AFTER setting the "hide empty staves" option, but I thought I'd let you know about the problem. And maybe there is a solution, but I assume this has something to do with different spacing (like the original "continuous view" problem I was having), so perhaps not.

At any rate, it would be nice if the colored line could be "attached" to the staff (the way notes are - they don't move around with changes to the view...). I'm sure this kind of a thing is low on the totem pole for programming, but I'm just throwin' it out there! :D

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