Every time I try to search something, it sends me to the musescore.com site

• Dec 12, 2019 - 19:21

Idk if this is how it's supposed to work, but after downloading some scores, I began to get a popup that I needed to spend money to download them, which was not there before. So, I checked around and found people talking about the recent update, and about the free .org site.

So I went over to the .org site and tried to search up a song, and it sent me to the search results on the .com site. I clicked on the song and tried to download, same issue.

Help I just want to download stuff to play XD


musescore.con is the score sharing site. musescore.org is a place for support of the notation software that is used to create those scores.

It is true that copyright owners need to be paid for their work, so copyrighted scores require a Pro subscription in order to download. It was that or the copyright owners would have demanded the scores be removed.

So, you can download stuff for free if it's original or public domain, but copyrighted music by people other than the ones uploading require an account.

For further discussion, please use the discussion groups on that site - again, this one (musescore.org) is about the software, not about score sharing. That's not a recent change, it's been that way since the score sharing site was first added quite a few years ago.

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