I look for a practical hands-on teacher on musescore.

• Dec 13, 2019 - 17:56

I am looking for some hands-on support on musescore.
-Either in loco (Leuven-Brussel-Mechelen)
-Either (preferably) over Teamviewer (and then the location of the teacher is irrelevant)

I have now created 16 pieces "as a newbee amateur", so I know the basic manipulations.

But for some new tools (like sounfonts, divisi, orchestral sets of violins,... ) I loose too much time in surfing around in help, and forums, and discussions, always missing a practical starting point... A teacher that would start me up would save me a lot of frustration and loss of time... NO big theories or tutorial sessions... Rather pragmatic advice and starting me up around very specific questions. From there on I assume that I can find my way...

I am totally prepared to pay for your time.

+32 495 53 08 75


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