Removing mysterious voice 1 rests on bar 2

• Dec 13, 2019 - 18:22

I am writing a compressed SATB score, using voices 1-4 to separate the notes on the bars. For some reason rests belonging to voice 1 (Soprano) has mysteriously appeared on the men's bar, as shown in the image. Probably due to a mistake I did early on, when I typed in the tenor as voice 2 (alto), which I later corrected by selecting the notes and clicking the voice 3 button.

Apparently I cannot delete these rests, because "voice 1 rests cannot be deleted". There were voice 2 rests there as well, which I could delete, but these ones don't want to be deleted.

I even went so far as to try and copy/paste the notes to a new sheet, but lo and behold the rests came along and will not be denied. I cannot select just one voice and copy that, if I try to select more than one note, everything is selected. The "mark all similar" option does not allow for copying, apparently.

What can I do to get rid of them, short of deleting the men's notes and typing them in again?

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Are you using Voice 3/4?
It is better to always resort to the smallest possible number of them. Select the notes (hold down Ctrl) and then click on the icon for Voice 2. Then select the unwanted pause and press Del.

Edit: Tools/Voices->Exchange 1/3-2/4

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