Percussion notation window too small

• Dec 15, 2019 - 00:21

the window to choose what drum to notate (not sure of the technical term for this window, the one at the very bottom) is too small. how can i make it larger?

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Looks like all your icons are way smaller than they are supposed to be., and you shouldn't need to zoom in to 740% just to read your score :-). Apparently something about your monitor configuration is confusing the way the OS communicates the resolution to MsueScore. This happens with TV sets connected vy VGA and some other unusual configurations. So we provided a way to tell MuseScore the correct resolution: start MuseScore from the command line, using the "-D xxx" option, where "xxx" is your screen resolution in DPI. See the handbook or do a general web search if you're not familiar with how to use command line options on your particular OS (looks like Windows?).

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