connecting MIDI keyboard to Musescore...

• Dec 15, 2019 - 04:27

I've used sibeilius in the past via windows but had issues with latency. I live in a remote area of USA California that where internet can only be used via a tethered hotspot with this Linux Mint 19.2 set up. Windows does not work here and I have latency with the laptop I bought. So I downloaded free Musescore 2.3.2. Can it read my keyboard like Sibelius/Finale??? Please help.

Barney P.
58 year old disabled veteran
California USA



I suggested that, If you have enough time to learn how to use it, please download and install something called: JACK AUDIO CONNECTIONS KIT (available to Linux, Windows and Mac).

You can connect anything inside and outside the computer with that app.

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