MuseScore wont let me change string in tablature for a specific note

• Dec 15, 2019 - 21:00

Hi, I am creating sheet music for Charango, which has GCEAE tuning.

When I place a G4 note on the system, it puts a 3 on the 3rd (E4) string. I want this note to be plucked on the 5th (G) string, but for some reason when I edit the number and press ctrl+up/down to change the string, nothing happens.

Pretty much every other note I am able to change strings normally, it's only this string that doesn't work.

Early on I was able to get around this by ticking the "open" check box in the string edit window for the 3rd (E4) string, forcing the tablature to place the note on the correct string. However if I do that now I will mess up other notes on the 3rd string.


In order to understand and assist, we would need you to attach the score you are having trouble. Probably the string data is defined incorrectly for how you are trying to use it.

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Hi Marc, I have attached the score in which I am experiencing this issue.

There are several problem notes in this score, but the first example can be found at the start of the second line (measure 5).

For the pair of G4 notes, MuseScore puts a 3 on the 3rd course in the tablature. I find this is much more awkward than plucking the 5th course with open strings, but MuseScore will not let me change it.

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it would be a nice change the way of changing notes to tablature:
now the start from the highest to the lowest written string. If it would be possible to change it to from the highest to the lowest tuned string it would be pefect for all of the inverted tuned instruments and would change nothing for all the others

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