Transpose from Treble Clef to Bass Clef

• Dec 15, 2019 - 23:50

I have entered the score into Musescore, but cannot seem to figure out how to transpose the score from a treble clef to a bass clef. I have a student who plays a trombone and needs to have the music score changed to a bass clef.

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Drag a bass clef from the "Clefs" palette to the beginning of the first measure. Then you must transpose the music (presumably) 1 octave down; changing clefs doesn''t do that or mean that. To do that, type ctrl-A (select everything) then ctrl-downarrow.

Your score is in 4/4 but the measures seem to have variable lengths - 4.5 beats, 4 beats, 2 beats. Is this really what you want? If it is, then fine, but if it isn't then please see the Handbook sections on note entry, time signature, triplets etc.

If you have a source score for your music and want help and tips for getting it into MuseScore then please post the original and describe what you are trying to achieve.

Also see my reply to your previous similar question.

It does seem that you have messed up the timing of this score, did you perhaps try using "Insert mode"? It's not for ordinary note input, but only for specific cases where you want more beats in a measure than the time signature calls for. To fix this score, select the extra beats and press Ctrl+Delete.

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