• Dec 17, 2019 - 18:12

I am making a few tempo corrections to a score I uploaded to quite awhile ago. I clicked on Replace this score( NOT delete) and selected the score from my files and it started uploading, but it will NOT quit. It is never going to upload. Jt just keeps going round and round. I signed out and tried everything to turn it off, but nothing works. I forgot where you are supposed to go to get help on! Anyone? TKhe attachment shows only my file I'm trying to upload.


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Hi, OK, I'.. go ahead and wait a bit more. I set on Private so it won't be online again until I get it fixed.. Yes, i know. I am using the 3+ latest version of MS now but when I was doing the Opera, older versions. All I was concerned about was getting it back kup on I am using the same older version to upload with.

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I tried again just now. Still says page Not Found. Also, I did report the problm on, but now cannot find the linK I used for that, Manager Popov's link, I assume. Do you have that link? If so please post.( My file is still trying to upload after more than 24 hours and will not shut off. I do not wish to try to Delete and lose the view count.) Thank you.

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