Background Color for Coda, D.S. and other Things

• Dec 21, 2019 - 19:21

One of the things I do frequently to printed sheet music is to highlight jumps such as Coda, Segno, D.S. using highlighters.
This helps me find my way through sheet music in a complex, multi-page live situation.

Is it possible to add some flashy background colors to said elements (Coda, Segno, D.S.) directly in Musescore?


Here's the solution to my problem:
1) I need to select the respective element
2) In the "Inspector" under "Text" I need to select "Frame" -> "Rectangle"
3) I set the "Border" to invisible by reducing the "Opacity" to 0 %
4) I set the "Highlight" to a flashy color with "Opacity" set to 100%

Here's the result:
To Coda.png

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Style.png 87.85 KB
To Coda.png 12.87 KB

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