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• Dec 23, 2019 - 02:54

Instead of requesting, this post is to declare that a page-width shortcut has been implemented over here [zoom-level], but with the addition of a suggestion by Marc S. ( to allow the shortcut to toggle between [page-width] and the previous zoom level. At first I wanted to have a shortcut that toggled between [Page-Width, Whole Page, and Two Pages], but then it was thought of as being a little awkward, so some alternative ideas were passed around.

After implementing [Page-Width / Prev Zoom level], it's nice to have a particular zoom level for zoomed-in (closer editing) or zoomed-out (seeing the whole score on user's screen) situations and be able to switch between that and [page-width] quickly with one command.

Hopefully it gets some use by some people if it's accepted. Now just need to make a pesky pull request in the next few days.

Although the idea should speak for itself, why not a screencast



In the atmosphere of generality, maybe make both ends of the toggle configurable (perhaps, say the toggle slots A and B always save the current zoom or view window at the moment of the toggle, or something like that)? Also, are there shortcuts for the various (non-percentage) zoom modes? (I don't see anything like this in the View menu, I only see the zoom selector on the toolbar.) If not, maybe those would also make sense to implement as menu commands with keyboard shortcuts. Most graphical and document layout software has such shortcuts.

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Implementing a slot A and B toggle would require there to be two potentially different user zoom levels, and unfortunately Musescore as it currently is isn't 'designed' to hold two different user zoom levels. That's not to say it's not feasible to implement, just that it would require more of a re-design to implement. Also, there'd be no way to select something like "Page Width" since there's only one list. There'd have to be two different lists next to each-other for that to work, and I don't have good feelings about that. For now, there's a pull request for this as presented so that the user can, foremost, select [page width] with keyboard, and also toggle back to whatever previous zoom level there was.

I'm okay with implementing (non-defined by default) keyboard shortcuts for Whole page and Two pages. As a matter of fact, the initial idea was to have a toggle between all three (page width/whole page/two pages), but this ended up being decided upon instead.

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