Little tablature glitch that occurred after MusicXML import

• Dec 24, 2019 - 13:09

I managed to import a MusicXML score (Thomas Crecquillon/"Ung gay bergier"). I then pasted it into a lute tablature score while doubling the note values (to conform to the original 16th century style). Doing this automatically seems COMPLETELY AMAZING to me and it worked almost perfectly!

I found one tiny glitch in the tablature (see attached, e.g. measure 9, beat 1). This is a quarter note, but the stem is displayed WITHOUT a head.

This happens a few other times in the score. I tried to figure out why using the inspector, but no clue...

I assume I can patch it up manually, but I am just wondering what happened here?

Thanks, Gary

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Indeed, I've seen this from time to time (on Midi imports). I didn't really try to decipher its origin, it's a minor glitch: just select, let's say, the measure(s) concerned, and double-click "Auto" in the Beam Properties palette to solve it.
(just for test: by selecting all - Ctrl + A - and by using the same "Auto" symbol, you can see how this works)

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