• Dec 25, 2019 - 23:27

How can I fix this:

MMA accompaniment is ready for you, but we could not generate the MIDI file from it.
Please fix the following error:

The generated MMA file is nevertheless available at "/var/tmp/"

But there in no file in any directory with the .mma file!


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MMA is Músical Midi Accompaniment.
Lets you create midi by introducing code, like programing. You put the code in a text file, wich you must give the extension mma. For example: The you run in a linux terminal the command "mma MuseScore" and results a midi file: MuseScore.mid. MMA works with rythm libraries (folk, rock, Jazz, samba, etc.), so you dont have to create bass and drums and strings, MMa chooses them fromthe libraries.
A guy who calss himself berthet create the BandInMuseScore plugin for Muse Score 3. It makes you free from the mess of programming that .mma files. You simple make a score with chords and the plugin creates de midi file. Saves a lot of time. In few words: BandInMuseScore pluging converts MuseScore in a kind of Band-In-A-Box. Thats the reason of the name, I guess.
I hope I've explained this properly.

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