Voices 1 and 2 order

• Dec 26, 2019 - 09:39

I'm trying to notate a score as shown in the attached picture.

The first picture in the original score which I would like to recreate.

The second is how Musescore renders and positions it as is, i.e. without any manual intervention.
As can be seen the beams are not in the correct positions.

The third is after manually flipping beams of both voices.
But after flipping the 2nd voice appears before the first voice.

Is there way to notate the original, without playing around with offsets etc.

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Notes of voice-1 (and voice-3) are relatively high and the stems (and beams) are upwards.
Notes of voice-2 (and voice-4) are relatively low and the stems (and beams) are downwards.
If you consider this feature when entering notes, you don't have to edit them later.

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Hmmm..........looks like I am not making myself clear.
The handbook shows two examples of voice 2 notes starting exactly below the first voice 1 note.
I want my voice 2 notes to start AFTER the voice 1 note in the bar.
Am I not understanding something here?

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I deleted my remark because I looked again at your sample, and, indeed, your first example shows what you are trying to do. You can't do that in MuseScore; it has a standard of how it lays out note heads according to accepted standards of publishing, and that's not (other than note-by-note) adjustable. If we can't understand you, maybe it's our fault, too. Anyway, you can't do what you want; it's not possible. End.

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I tried doing but it still doesn't solve the problem. First I enter all the notes with the stems pointing down in Voice 2. Then as soon as I start entering the notes with the stems pointing upward in Voice 1 the tend to be positioned before Voice 2. But I need them to be positioned after Voice 2 as per the original notation.

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Do you have any music paper? Or can you otherwise draw on a piece of paper what it is you want to see, scan it, and post it here? If you can show me what you want it to look like on paper, I can tell you how to enter it. Musescore can handle four polyphonic, rhythmically-independent voices on a single staff with no problem, as in classical guitar and polyphonic violin music. Show an image of what you want to see. Words aren't working.

Oh, are you saying that you don't like the positioning of the HEADS? That's not easy to change, but you can move the heads with the inspector (but click on "chord" x-offset). You'd have to do that for a lot of notes. If this is what you're talking about, there's not much you can do.

Anyone want to comment on what the standard is in notation here?

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