How to: notes with different durations starting at same time

• Dec 26, 2019 - 18:49

First of all, I am very sorry for asking this extremely stupid question.
First time user here and been desperately trying for several hours to solve this small problem (also tried to find the answer in the handbook and previous forum posts but to no avail).

OK, here is the deal:
When I enter notes in the staff/notation view, all is fine except that whenever I want to enter overlapping notes with different durations, Musescore automatically eradicates any overlapping note.
The first picture shows what I want to get (it's a photograph from a hymnary) and the second picture demonstrates what I am able to get in Muses core (screenshot from Musescore): instead of a half note overlapping with two other shorter notes (each 1/4) I have to make them all quarters, because I can't get Musescore to accept the notes starting at same time but having different durations. It immediately deletes notes if I set them to start at the same time but have differing durations.

I would be most grateful for any hint or advice. Again, I am super sorry for stealing your time with such a noob question.



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You have to use VOICES to get what you want.

To use notes, you have to look for the VOICES numbers (1 2 3 4, at the right end of the rhythm figures bar).

If you click first on one of those numbers, you will be entering notes to that VOICE (MuseScore assumes you are using the VOICE Number 1, if you don't change it, manually).

In your case:

Enter the quarter notes (melody), using voice 1.

Enter half notes (chord), using voice 2 (or 3, or 4).

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Dear jotape1960,
Many many thanks! It works now for me. Such an easy solution and quick way of doing it.

I am overwhelmed and stunned not only by the capabilities of Musescore but also by the helpful members of this forum.
Will definitely recommend this site to my friends.

Best regards!


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