Offsets and Single-Note Dynamics

• Dec 26, 2019 - 21:28

As far as I can tell, single-note dynamics and note offsets/user-inputted velocity don't mix.

To reproduce:
Create new score with instrument effected by single-note dynamics (such as violin).
Place note.
Assign to note a dynamic (such as p).
Apply custom velocity/offset to the note (in my test case, an offset of 100).

Expected: Note should change in volume considerably.
Actual: No change in playback.


Both instructions happen on the same moment in time, so at the start of playing the note. Then MuseScore tries to determine it's velocity. What you told it to do is use the velocity of that p dynamic and add 100 to it (instantly). That resulting value is then used to play back the note.

Nowhere in what you described do you have any indication that the volume should change over time (such as a hairpin).

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Putting the note on the measure following the dynamic instruction does not change anything.

The reason why I suspected this had to do with single-note dynamics was due to this happening almost strictly on instruments that used such mechanics. However, that doesn't seem to be the case (same behavior with piano), but rather seems dependent on what soundfonts I have loaded.

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