Percentage playing time length of the notes selected, or all the piece

• Dec 28, 2019 - 00:38

Hi, Gang!!!

It is a fact that the "Normal" MIDI music sounds... UGLY!!!

One the reasons is about the real playing time length of the notes, due to the human players cannot to produce a full continous sound from one note to another, specially in the air instruments.

Why no to add a "Time Length Percentage" to the Playing Time of each note selected (or all the notes of the pieces), in the Inspector Panel? ???

This "Percentage" new value will affect the "Off Time" of each note, in a percentual way, without to affect some articulations (like staccato).

Let's say: If we want a full continuos length of each note, then we write = 100 (the internal gnome will multiply the present value by 1)

If we want a short time, we write, let's say = 90 (the internal gnome will multiply the present value by 0.9)

And so an on.

This new box could be, in the Inspector Panel, between the today boxes: PITCH, and TYPE Of VELOCITY.

Just an Idea.


You can do this using the piano-roll editor - but only for each note individually, based on 1000 for full duration.

Long ago I started a thread suggesting a way to shorten all notes in e.g. a selection by a specified time duration, expressed as a fraction of a beat (NOT relative to full duration). The idea was discussed at some length in this forum but never got implemented the way I suggested. So in the piano-roll editor I might reset the length of a quarter to e.g. 900, of an eighth to 800, of a dotted quarter to 930, etc. Very tedious. But once you've done it for a given rhythmic motif, you can copy and paste it elsewhere and the notes will keep their changed durations. You just have to remember not to insert new notes but always to copy the ones you've modified.

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