Imported music transposing instrument

• Dec 30, 2019 - 21:41

I am importing Finale .mus files, mostly for transposing instruments. They are playing in concert pitch. How do I get the uploaded score (MusicXML) to play the correct, transposed pitches? They are printed correctly, but they are playing as concert pitches.


I guess, just guess, the better and easy way is...

1) Click on the Staff name part, and right click on it.
2) Select: Staff Properties
3) Click on the "Change Instrument" button
4) Select the same instrument the staff is made for.

Musescore should show the right pitch and tonality (I guess).

MuseScore always play in concert pitch, meaning that when you are looking at a transposed part for a clarinet and the note played is a C, you should hear a Bb coming out of the speakers.

Or do you hear a C?

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I hear the printed concert pitch. I want to hear the pitch that a horn player would play upon reading the notes.
If I change the transposition with the staff to down a 5th, it then moves all the notes up a fifth. The notes are in the right place; it's the playback I want to change. If I change the transposition (it was imported with none showing) then it appears I'll also have to change the key of the piece down a 5th to make it work. Correct? This was written so long ago that I don't even remember whether it is playing as a transposition in the original. I'm bringing in very old Finale music pieces that were never put in pdf, and all I have is .mus files on a thumb drive.

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