Easy way to rearrange stave positions?

• Jan 3, 2020 - 18:10

I've searched through Help, but I wasn't able to find anything relevant.

I have a MIDI piece that I'm working on in Cakewalk, and I decided to convert it to MIDI and load it into MS3 because I thought it would be easier to notate a part in MS3 than using the Cakewalk Staff View, which is lacking many features and is generally antiquated. So I saved the file to MIDI, then opened up MS3 and brought it in. The translation was excellent. MS3 found all the right instruments and loaded them just fine. Playback sounds great -- probably better than it does in CW if I'm being honest. But just from a sort of housekeeping perspective, I'd like to reorganize the staves. Now, I had them organized in CW before I saved the piece as a MIDI file, but for some reason, when it was opened in MS3, almost all the instruments had been rearranged. This piece has four string parts, two piano parts, voices, a guitar, and drums. I would like to get them back to where they were before I saved the file to MIDI.

In CW, if I want to move a track around, it is simple -- just drag and drop. But I can't do it from the Staff view, I have to do that from either the track view or the console. I've looked for a similar command in MS3 that would allow me to move the staves around, but I haven't found anything yet. I've tried to drag and drop, but that didn't work. I ended up moving the whole page around. I feel sure that this capability exists, but that I just haven't found out how to do it yet.

So -- advice? Recommendations?


If you mean you want the change the order of the staves, see Edit / Instruments. If you mean somethng else, maybe attach your score and describe what you want to change in more detail.

BTW, if Cakewalk can export MusicXML, that's tons better for exchange of info than MIDI. Although you might not have noticed right away how much was lost in the translation, there is really quite a bit.

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