"Molto legato" in musescore (especially for choral/vocal)

• Jan 4, 2020 - 14:26

Hallo everyone,
I was wondering whether there is a way to make notes for choral pieces to basically 'melt into one another', a bit like the Znamennyi and Kievan chant styles. The transitions between notes are currently too crisp for some passages.

To help with visualisation, imagine the difference between going up a step in a house vs. in a cave where the steps have been eroded over thousands of years.

Additional: Using zita from the synthesiser helps a lot (turn it to "wet" and set long reverb, as one would expect of a chatedral), but the step is still there, even if less perceptible. I'd like a proper "melting" so that people can't properly hear when the note really starts.

Thanks everyone,


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