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• Jan 6, 2020 - 00:14

Hi. I'm using v. and would like to copy the violin part of an arrangement to the piano part as cue notes for the piano part.. When I do copy and paste it replaces the piano part. My work-around was to put the original piano part in 'layer' 2 (not sure what to call the feature that allows 4 different note parts in the same stave) and copy/paste the violin part in. That seemed to work fine, but when I choose all those notes to make them small, the Inspector changed to a very limited number of choices, none of which allow note size changes. When I chose 1 note at a time I was allowed to change note size to small. Is there a way to change all the notes at once without the inspector changing? thanks for your replies.

Attached is screenshot of final product.

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After selecting a range - which includes not just notes but also potentially rests and other elements - click the "Notes" button in the Inspector to limit the selection to just notes. Then you will have full access to the properties of notes.

BTW, better to use the "chord" section o the inspector when making notes small - that way it affects stems and everything. Also, the word you were looking for is "voices" (not layers). might help in looking up info on the topic.

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