new staff property: hide lyrics

• Jan 8, 2020 - 03:18

I would like to be able to hide the lyrics of a staff, much like how/where it is possible to set "small staff".

My main use case for MuseScore is retypesetting choir pieces to improve legibility for our old singers singing in low light, while also trying to keep page turns to a minimum to help visual learning. So I am cramming (squeezing) as much music onto a page as possible, while trying to keep it large enough for reading.

I usually make extracts for each voice type (e.g. S, A, T, B), where, to increase size/legibility, I put the current voice in normal size, while adding the other voice types as "small staff", so that everyone at all times can follow the general flow of the music (e.g. be ready to enter at the right moment).

For this, the lyrics of the other voice types is often not needed, so it is unnecessarily taking up space on the page. I currently make copies of each voice with lyrics removed to use in the extracts of other voices. But that way each staff gets duplicated, so if a mistake needs to be corrected, I need to correct it in both copies.

It would be simpler to have a checkbox in staff properties to show/hide lyrics, much like there already is for "small staff". This would then lay the music out as if there was no lyrics for that staff.


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