allow part extraction to combine single-voice staves into multiple-voice staves for the parts/extractions

• Jan 8, 2020 - 03:43

I use MuseScore for choral works (e.g. SATB), making part extractions for individual voices (e.g. S, A, T, B), where I lay out the extracted voice in normal size, and the other voices in "small staff" (as an aid to help following the flow of the music to know when to enter).

To save space, I put the other voices in closed form (multiple voices on one staff, usually S+A resp. T+B), Example: on extracts made for S and A, I combine T+B into a two-voice TB staff; and similarly, on extracts made for T and B, I combine S+A into a two-voice SA staff.

Currently, I need to create these combined staves manually, and they clutter up the main score, so now I am forced to make an separate extraction for the conductor so that they do not see these duplicates (and even then, the exported complete PDF contains the master score with the extra staves that no-one will now use).

It would be nice, if it would be possible in the parts/extracts creation dialog to combine ("route" if you will an audio mixer analogy) voices from single-voice staves of the master score into multi-voice staves on part extractions.

I see the other way (multiple-voice master -> single-voice extraction) is possible, so naturally I thought about having the master score in closed form (SA, TB) and then extract individual voices (S, A, T, B); however as far as I know staves do not have lyrics per voice but per staff, so this method would not work with choral works that have individual lyrics per voice type.


No, lyrics are per voice (in a closed score SATB mostly voice 1 of the S/A staff). So not even closed SATB score to parts per voice is a good solution, as only the Soprano part would have the lyrics

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I'm afraid I'm not completely understanding what you mean.

In my use case ( ) losing lyrics would not be an issue, as I would discard/hide the lyrics of the merged multiple-voice staves (SA or TB, respectively) anyway.

My starting point is four single-voice staves (S, A, T, B), each with lyrics.

My vision is, for example for Tenor, to end up with three staves: SA with no lyrics, T with lyrics, B with no lyrics, without having to manually create a combined SA staff.

(As a side-note, in my use case each staff has single-verse (single-line? what is the correct term?) lyrics. So merging them could, for example, merge the lyrics of the merged staves into separate lines. Although if lyrics are per-voice indeed as I understand from your words above, then this is not an issue at all, because the merge could then simply keep the lyrics for all voices? This might be a nice-to-have for my use case, as occasionally it is useful to leave a few words of the lyrics in place in the other voices to help singers to follow the music.)

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