Why can’t Musescore default to system audio?

• Jan 8, 2020 - 05:22

Every time I do play back, the sound goes to the wrong place. No one who cares about sound quality uses the Mac’s internal speakers. On my main Mac, I have a $400 set of Bose, but they connect via USB. Every app on the Mac understands that I have set this as the default output for audio except muse, which I invariably struggle to find in the i/o pop up menu then quit then restart, sometimes twice, before it works.

On my laptop I have the same problem because I use my Beats Bluetooth headphones.

Absolutely exasperating.

Is there a reason the default is not to just follow system audio?


Bluetooth and midi devices have to be plugged in and turned on before to starting MuseScore.
Is the device selectable in I/O preferences?
It shouldn't be related but... enable/disable a couple of times the MIDI input button


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