Concert toms keyboard note input

• Jan 8, 2020 - 08:07

Screenshot_2020-01-08_09-04-25.png Hello,

I create a score with concert toms and follow this instructions to enter notes:

"To enter notes on a percussion staff using your computer keyboard:
1. Click on the note or rest where you want to start.
2. Enter note input mode. The Drum input palette now appears at the bottom of the screen (see below).
3. Select the desired note duration.
4. Press the shortcut key (A–G) for the instrument that you wish to enter—refer to the Drum input palette window."

The problem is that concert toms don't have any shortcut assigned to the Drum input palette window, thus I'm not able to enter any note from keyboard. How can I achieve note input with computer keyboard?

best regards,
musescore 3.2.3
ubuntustudio 19.10


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