Crash upon trying to add tie with keyboard shortcut "SHIFT" and "+"

• Jan 10, 2020 - 22:49

brand new 2019 iMac, OS is Catalina 10.15.2
Crashes from the keyboard shortcut I mentioned, and also several other times (those other times I did not notice any relationship between what I was doing and the time of the crash) - afterwords I just re-open it and it loads up pretty fast, so not the ned of the world, but I lose a couple bars sometimes so it would be nice to find a solution.

Is this happening to anybody else?
Any help is appreciated - I am new to this software, having just switched from finale.


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But now its just crashing a lot from no specific action(s). Just wondering if this is a common problem.

"Crashing a lot for no specific action" would make a program useless. Yes?
So... no, this is not a common problem.

At first you mentioned that adding a tie caused a crash.

In order for someone here to help, more info. is needed, so please attach the problem score and explain exactly what you are doing when it crashes.

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Hi, I'm not comfortable sharing the score publicly. If you're willing to look at it I could send it to you privately. It hasn't been crashing nearly as much lately (same project; haven't changed anything in my settings or anything), but it always seem to be instantaneous with an action (recent ones were adding dynamics to multiple notes at a time, one was just from saving; other random things). Went from like 6+ crashes a session to 0-1 a session and I have no idea why.

I was wondering if there are any settings/preferences I should be looking at that might be relevant to fix this kind of thing. Also I am using the tempo changes plugin, but I got that pretty early on (can't remember if it was crashing before that).


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Just remove everything but the affected measures, then - the problem almost certainly has nothing to do with preferences or plugins anything but the specific score and specific notes involved. But realize, no one is looking here except a handful of developers, there is really nothing to be concerned about.

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Hi Marc, is it possible for me to send it you privately? (I like your idea about removing everything but the affected measures but it doesn't seem to be any measure in particular, or any function for that matter. Today I just pressed command+tab to switch tabs and it crashed!)

I searched for how to message privately on this site and it said click the message button beside your profile - but I clicked your name and don't see it anywhere. Let me know!

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Please understand MuseScore is produced mostly by volunteers such as myself, working to provide a resource to be used by millions. Unfortunately, we don't have the bandwidth to provide free one-on-one email support. That's why we try to keep things open. I promise, you will not have problems if you post your score here, it's never once happened in the 10+ years we've been doing this.

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Thanks Marc, understood! I've just wrapped up this particular project now so I figure I will move onto the next one, and if its still crashing I'll post the new one on here. I suppose I should delete this post since the title is misleading now - but I'll make a new one if there is crashing in the new project. Cheers.

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Hi, no it does not - it was just the stock piano from the setup wizard - never messed with any parts. I've just wrapped up this project so I figure I will just move on to the next one, and if I continue having problems with crashing I will post the score of the new one (in a new post probably). Appreciate the help though, and I'll keep that in mind since the next project will likely involve some different parts! Cheers.

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