Multiple jumps - how to implement?

• Jan 11, 2020 - 21:24

I'm trying to digitize some music sheets which have multiple jumps, but even with different variations of "DC", "Coda" etc. I haven't been able to implement the correct flow.

I want to achieve the following flow:
- measure 1-53
- measure 1-7
- measure 30-42
- measure 54 to end

I've tried (among other variations) to place
- "DC" at measure 53
- "To Coda A" at measure 7
- "Coda A" at measure 30
- "To Coda B" at measure 42
- "Coda B" at measure 54
but it ignore my jump in measure 7.

If I set "DC al Coda" at measure 53 it jumps from measure 7 to 42 ?!

Which types of jumps do I have to set where?
Any help appreciated.


How is it notated in the original music?
Also mention which version of MS2 you have; how jumps & repeats are interpreted was changed quite drastically in 2.1

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Thanks for your reply. I'm using the most recent version of MS2 (2.3.2) - still stuck with MS2 since I'm in need of a plugin feature which MS2 supports but MS3 doesn't.

The original score notation uses the trick of a textual explanation :-(
- Extra note: "Sequence: bar 1-53 (including all repetitions), then bar 1-7, bar 30-42, bar 54 to the end."
- coda symbols in measures end of 7, beginning of 30
- "coda 2" symbols in measures end of 42, beginning of 54
- explanation between measure 53 and 54: "D.C. al coda-symbol - coda-symbol - coda2-symbol"

Without your file, difficult to imagine, but severals things strange.
1 to 53 OK
jump to 1 ok you go to 7 and jump to 30 ?????????? how have you this on a sheet music ??
you are at 30 you go to 42 OK
You pass at 54 ?????????? what is there on your sheet music ??

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Thanks for your reply. For the original sheet see my answer above.

/// I've attached my sheet - it's still work in progress, so jumps may differ from what I've described due to my experiments, and notes are still incomplete. ///

Update: Attached score was outdated, have uploaded a new one - see my post of 15:20 CET.

For reference, this is how it can be achieved in MS3, using a forward jump. Note that this is rather non-standard usage of such symbols and might confuse first-time readers; although I imagine most people would succeed in understanding your intended roadmap this way.

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299581_jumping roadmap.mscz 5.05 KB

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I've tried using "To Coda" jumps, but they don't work the way I'd expected them to work. (Probably misunderstanding on my side.) As for the "repeat bar" in measure 53: I've already several repeat bars in between, can I stack them? (And if, how to link the corresponding ones together?)

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Nesting repeats is indeed not possible. I'm also unsure what you're intent is with the 1st and 2nd volta on m21-22..
Another reason why your jump might be executed differently than you'd expect is that you've given your "To Coda" and "Coda" markers the same label; meaning MuseScore can't differentiate between them anymore.

So let's try and get your actual roadmap written down, including all repeats, as it definitely doesn't start of with 1-53:
1-16, 9-15, 17-21, ?? (missing an end-repeat barline somewhere to match the start-repeat of m18 ?)
?? skipping from 22 - 39 seems weird there as well.

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Thanks for having a look at it. This is not my original work, I'm just trying to digitalize notes to prepare myself for the next choir practice. So credits for weirdness in notation and flow go to the original authors ;-)

With "1-53" I meant "including the repeats", so to my understanding, the flow (including repeats) is meant to be as follows:
- 1-16
- 9-15
- 17-21
- 18-20
- 22-40
- 39-53
and then
- 1-7
- 30-42
- 54-56
- 54 to end

I've added the updated score, but removed all jumps (but not the repeats).

I'm still confused about labelling the markers - when is a label used as destination for other labels, and when is it used to mark the destination of its own jump?

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I'm indeed afraid that such a roadmap is not currently feasible within the limits of standard notation.
The issue is making the jump from 42-54 only after the jump from 53 back to beginning. For normal players you can indeed clarify this with a written note; but MuseScore currently is not able to differentiate whether the measure is played back before or after a jump.

As for markers; they can be both destination as send-to; it is the jump instructions that makes them act as one or the other.

It might be possible to implement this and have it play back using MS but it is uncommon enough that the average musician would likely make a mistake. For the sake of saving 20 bars or so (maybe 1 page of paper) I don't think it is worth it.

Thanks for all your feedback. I've implemented a workaround by using "D.C. al Coda" in m53, "To Coda" in m7, and duplicating m30-42, inserting it between the original m53/m54.

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