Questions about Noteheads

• Jan 12, 2020 - 09:35

Hi everyone. I would like to ask some things.

1) It´s possible to use the vertical bars in name of key notehead? I just want to simplify the solos, putting the name of the notes inside them, but i want to use at the same score the vertical bars, to fill the empty bars.
2) Why the parts don´t save my logo at the end off the sheet?? .... i tried all the formats to save.
3) My version of musescore don´t have all the noteheads schemes. Where can i download it?

For the moment, is enough. Thanks.


  1. I don't quite understand what your trying to achieve, can you explain better or show a score or image?
    What do you mean by vertical bar (multi measure rests?), what by key notehead (notehead with name in it?)?
  2. Sample score needed
  3. Notehead scheme is a MuseScore 3 feature (and an advanced staff property), wasn't available in MuseScore 2. You get if from the download page

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