How to hide ONE note from a chord?

• Jan 13, 2020 - 15:36

AS titled with bar 35 of score:
Act 2, No.13. Danses des Cygnes V.mscz

HOw do i hide the arrowed note: it's head; it's beam and relevent only leger line?

I remember I could do it with version 2, but now....


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It doesn't come up often, and the correct behavior is far from obvious given the different use cases mentioned in that issue, plus there is a pretty simple workaround: set the "Fix to line" property to force the invisible note onto the staff. So beyond that, there is no particular schedule to change the behavior, just a recommendation to use the workaround if the current behavior doesn't happen to be what you want in this particular case.

For the record, it was no better in MuseScore 2, that's when the issue was originally filed.

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