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• Jan 14, 2020 - 17:34

I"m setting up Finale of a symphony movement. Have already wasted a lot of time trying to get the Strings playback to sound like orchestral strings. I went on the Mixer but there are numerous choices of string sound from Solo on, etc. I tried Strings Slow but that still sounded almost lie a Solo violin playing. What setting should I put the strings on? I had this problem before but don't know what the answer was. I don't know how to search my Forum history if there is some kind of indexto try to look it up if it exists. Thank You


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Hi There, I've been to France, so hello from the America! Nice to hear from youi I did click on the link you sent, and it did take me to the Forum conversation I wanted. However,, I"m finding that it is conflicting information. I still have this string quartet sound or Quintet sound for the orchestral strings in my Symphony niovenent !V., the Finale, which I am just starting on to compose. I have listed Strings in the plural on the score, Violins, Violas, etc but makes no difference. I noticed in my Forum history that I never did fix the first movement of the symphony, another MS user fixed the sound. Please see attachment below Thanks. Merci Beaucoup!

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I have MuseScore newest with the default sound font. When I load your score, many of the string sounds you have chosen are indeed solo. In the default sound font select Violins fast expr. Violins 2 fast expr. and so forth. Pan the orchestra so that everything is not on top of each other. And make the reverb wetter. Strings are about the hardest to replicate. Even professional notation software doesn't always get it right.

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Hi, Thank You. However I finally chose Strings Slow Espr;. for all the string section. It's more like the sound I want., though I realize a lot with soundfonts and playback is rather subjective and varies for each person.! I don't know what you mean after the" Orchestral Pad a the bottom." Don't know what the orchestral Pad is supposed to mean.

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