Audio playback

• Jan 14, 2020 - 22:38

Whenever creating and working on a score, with headphones plugged in, audio either comes out of the computer’s speakers or not at all. Went to Edit>Preferences>I/O and still couldn’t mess around a way to figure out the issue. Thanks!


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All my windows computers have, in Control Panel, a program called Smart Audio. If that's there open it. At the bottom, scroll over and select Jack Configuration. Use the pull down menu to select Headphones. That is if you have headphones the plug into an audio jack. USB headphones might be different.

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Just to be entirely clear; at some point you did see the windows sound interfaces there, correct? (stuff like mme)

One thing that Windows has it that by default any application can claim an audio interface for itself, locking everyone else out of it. You can turn this off in the device properties in windows. So close MuseScore, turn off this setting and see if that improves it.

If it once did work and you have attempted a lot of changes, it could also be that a computer restart could be needed to get windows to properly reinitialize all its interfaces.

And lastly, you can try to perform a Reset to defaults of MuseScore itself (use the Help menu inside MuseScore). It won't delete your scores or soundfonts or the like; but it will remove all your personalized settings.

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