How to implement this treble clef? L.v.B Piano Sonata 30, movement 3, bar 8.

• Jan 15, 2020 - 14:08

There is a small detail in this score I am arranging and I have tried all I can think of which isn't much, to get the treble clef as seen in the below correct published score, to appear in bar 8 before the next grand staff system, is it possible or am I missing something?

Probably don't need to look at it, but my score for reference if you need to download and try inserting the treble clef correctly:

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As I recall, clicking the treble clef icon in the palette with a measure selected inserts the treble icon at the end of the previous measure, which I understand is your intent. If a note is selected instead of a measure, the treble sign is inserted in front of that note but in the same measure.
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  • Add courtesy clef (read handbook if necessary).

  • It appears as if you want the courtesy clef to be within the end-repetition barline instead of outside of it. To replicate how this particular edition has it for whatever reason, select the courtesy clef, uncheck its automatic-placement property in the inspector, and maybe accompany that with a little bit of horizontal offsetting.

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Did you read the handbook under clefs? under [courtesy clef] should help to give a clear enough idea of what is required, i.e.:

Go to the next (ninth) bar of the score, select the measure (range select, not just its first element/rest), insert the treble clef, and it will doubly appear at the end of the 8th bar as a courtesy so long as Create Courtesy Clefs in the Styles→Page→Score preferences isn't disabled (enabled by default). Then, consider disabling, as mentioned previously, automatic placement to get the clef to fit within the repetition line if it be preferred to mimic the original score's layout.

Happy hunting.

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I figured out one other way-
In an unused voice, enter some rests in the measure where the treble clef sign will go. Select the last rest, and using the Palette menu insert the clef before that rest. Then, make the rest signs invisible.
The ability to move the clef sign is still limited. If you want the clef moved more to the right, make the right-most rest 32nd or 64th rests.
Not great, but at least the clef is actually functional as compared to it being a simple visual graphic.

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