MP3 audio file has no sound

• Jan 16, 2020 - 23:40

symphony..mscz symphony..mscz I've been trying to export a piece that I've worked very hard on to email to one of my closest musician friends. I've tried exporting it to MP3 numerous times but not a single file has sound to it. Can someone help me? Thank you for your time

Below is the file I'm exporting

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All the staves in the mixer have unusual settings (e.g., music box, harmonica) that suggest that a nonstandard soundfont is to be used. Are you sure you are using it when attempting to make the mp3? Are you making the mp3 from the menu, or the command line?

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Thanks for the clarification. Sorry for understanding what you wrote and not what you meant; this tends to happen on the non-psychic part of the internet ;-)

So the question then remains is whether you've done the make sure to save the synthesizer settings to the score-part, assuming your playback from within MuseScore itself is as expected. See

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