MuseScore Opens Slower With The Latest Version

• Jan 17, 2020 - 10:17

I think MuseScore opens way slower with the version of

It might have been started with the previous version. I'm not sure.

But definitely It opens slower.


What was your previous version?

If your previous version was MuseScore 2, then yes, by default MS3 will be a bit slower (but still starts within 10 seconds for me), due to it having to unpack its soundfont at startup. You can manually remove the default .sf3 version of the soundfont from the synthesizer and download and use the already uncompressed sf2 version from our handbook page.

If you however loaded additional soundfonts, then those get loaded at start-up too; so this could be the cause on your end. For example having the MDL extension installed can easily increase the startup time to a few minutes.

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