Unable to move rest (VISUALLY - I know you can't delete it or alter its function)

• Jan 19, 2020 - 02:01

Hello, I've just started my second project ever with MuseScore and I've been unable to move the rests out of the way of notes in a different voice. In my first project I was doing it no problem (unless I'm losing my mind). Particularly the one in mm. 5 - I am not trying to change its function or anything, I just want it visually lower so its out of the way of the other voice. Possible, right? Does it have something to do with the fact that voice 2 is invading from the treble cleff? but then again, I can't move the voice 1 rest in the treble cleff either...

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Will you be using voice 1 at all?

If yes, wait until you have completed the measure(s) as the full measure rest in voice 1 will be replaced as notes are entered.
If no, why not use voice 1?

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Ahh yes I should have thought of that (your second comment) - I had used it to move accidentals before but it slipped me. That works for now, so thank you! However, it is still way more convenient to just be able to drag them, and that's what I was doing in my previous project. Any idea? I tried disabling automatic placement, no luck.

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When dealing with whole rests in the first voice where MuseScore disallows dragging around a measure's rest, there is still the more precise available option, besides the aforementioned inspector, for vertical placement with the keyboard, i.e., [ctrl+up/down]. Maybe you'll find this useful for your purposes.


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Right, rests are special, since they normally only move in full staff space increments vertically, you can do that directly. But for most elements - including rests if you first double-click them to put them in Edit mode - arrow keys by themselves move in 0.1sp increments, adding Ctrl (or Cmd on Mac) causes things to move in 1sp increments.

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Dragging is a lot less precise than using the Inspector or the arrow keys, and using the arrow keys is much faster too. So I recommend weaning yourself from the temptation to drag. Click that rest and press Down twice, it is precisely in the right spot.

Still, though, since "fugue voice" 1 isn't used in this measure, I recommend using "MuseScore voice 1" to represent the voice that is present. Same with the first four measures. Then there is nothing to adjust.

That said, you can drag the rest if you really want - you just need to double-click first to put it into Edit mode.

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Hi Marc. Yes the arrow feature is helpful - didn't know it was possible until worlwideweary and yourself brought it to my attention.

WOW that's all I needed - to double click! Very nice, thank you for letting me know.

Yes switching the voices temporarily does make sense but then I would want to add a rest in afterwords for the other voice anyways (I understand not everybody would!), so I'll stick with the arrows/dragging in this particular instance. Thanks again for the help everybody!

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