Mute Articulation

• Jan 19, 2020 - 06:02

It does not appear that the mute articulation works properly whatsoever.

To replicate:

Open blank score.
Select trumpet instrument.
Place tied notes for trumpet.
Apply mute articulation to all notes.

Expected: Trumpet changes to mute channel for all notes.
Actual: Trumpet does not change to mute channel for the first note, and ceases to play for the others.

There's a dialog that can be brought up for the mute articulation that mentions the channel playback and such, but it does not appear to be possible to do anything whatsoever on this menu.

The open articulation likely suffers from these bugs as well.


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No mute in sight

But indeed (and I missed that in your initial post) tied notes are really just one note, so changing between mute and open won't work. You could use slurs instead.

Hmm, I see now what you mean, applying mute to the first of those 4 tied notes, switches to mute for that 1st note and to no sound at all for the others. Should be a bug indeed.

Culprit seems that '+' articulation, if you remove that and then apply the mute (from the text palette), it works.

So those 'o' and '+' articutulations for open and mute don't do the same thing as the open and mute texts

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Yeah, I should have been clear that it was specifically the 'o' and '+' articulations. Using text for changing to mute works just fine.

Also, at least when I was testing it on my machine, the '+' articulation didn't even change it to mute- the note's still open.

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